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Client: Liberty Community Connect

The Background: In response to unmet needs within the community, Liberty Community Connect (formerly Nerang Community Respite Care Association) was established in 1989 by Father Pat Tynan of St Brigid’s Catholic Parish. Providing community services throughout the Gold Coast for over 25 years. Liberty is passionate about the wellbeing of people who have a disability, older people , their carers and their families. Liberty approached us to help them create a new brand strategy, strategic culture framework and visual identity system as as part of its ten year strategic plan to become sustainable and future focused.

The Deliverables:

  • Discovery Workshops with Key Stakeholders
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research
  • Culture Framework Strategy
  • Market Positioning Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Marketing Communication Assets
  • Brand Launch and On Boarding

The Approach.

Through a highly collaborative ‘Human-Centred’ design process we researched all stakeholders groups including customers, leaders, staff, volunteers to identify the challenges and opportunities for innovation. This creative approach to problem solving led us to design a unique and transformational outcome we coined the ‘Liberty Well-being Experience’. A set of six core behaviours that we identified as uniquely Liberty.

Following on from the design of the Liberty Well-Being Experience we looked at the competitive landscape and identified a new strategic position the brand could own. The brand essence was co-created through workshops, then tested and iterated until a final set of brand elements were designed including the new brand promise, persona, value proposition, name, tag and logo. The Liberty symbol ‘a six sided star’ represents the six elements of the ‘Liberty Well-being Experience’.

The Outcome

In its 25th year as an organisation, Liberty now provide close to 20 flexible programs to its client base of over 500 people and employ a passionate and dedicated team of 40 staff and 40 volunteers. As a result of engaging in this highly collaborative ‘design-led’ process Liberty has successfully embedded the ‘Liberty Well-being Experience’ at the centre of its culture. By consistently demonstrating the six core behaviours the organisation has transformed from the inside out, resulting in a sustainable competitive advantage. The new Liberty brand identity system has been successfully rolled out across all channels and successfully launched into the community. As part of the roll and on boarding process we invited key stakeholders to be apart of a launch event that involved presentation, discussion and revealing the new branded assets.


“Having a physical disability affects your mental well-being. You feel like you are useless and have no purpose. I loved being included in this wonderful process. You gave me a greater sense of purpose and boosted my confidence. I am proud to be apart of Liberty Community Connect family.”

Liberty Community Connect – Female Client



Bull Art was engaged to take our organisation on a journey. The process was collaborative, creative and fun. The end results were simply breath taking. Ray is highly regarded in his field and it is clear to us as an Executive team why he is in high demand. We are so proud of our new visual identity and very excited about the future for Liberty.

Thank you Ray

Alan Reeve

General Manager, Liberty Community Connect