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Brand Audit Quiz

This quick quiz is a self-diagnostic tool to help you assess the strength of your brand.

Your results will give you a better understanding of your overall brand strength and help you devise more effective brand building strategies and programs. When completing the quiz, think about where your brand stands today, not where you want it to be.

01. Our brand has a clear statement of purpose and direction:
02. Our brand personality and values are known and understood:
03. The level of top management support (outside the brand and marketing departments), for our brand-building effort is:
04. Our internal brand champion could be described as:
05. Our internal planning policies and procedures are:
06. Would you describe your company as:
07. Does your company consider brand building as:
08. The integration and planning of marketing communications plans is:
09. Your long-term brand vision is:
10. You have an explicit brand promise and it’s:
11. You have an emotive brand story and it’s:
12. Product/brand segmentation strategy:
13. Your marketing support and communications budget:
14. Do you know your brand marketing investment ROI?
15. Describe how all your marketing communications are integrated:
16. Describe your level of knowledge of your customers:
17. Our committed most profitable customers see us as:
18. Describe your level of brand awareness:
19. Brand quality perceptions:
20. Describe your level of familiarity:
21. Describe the level of internal understanding, of what our brand stands for:
22. Describe your brand image and personality:
23. Are there associations attached to the brand?
24. Your customer experiences are aligned with the brand:
25. Does your brand reflect your organisational culture?

Well done! Your results will be sent to you – double-quick – after you’ve entered your name and email address. Thanks…